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Programme: Europe for Citizens
Identifier: 595641-CITIZ-1-2018-1-HR-CITIZ-OGCIV
Title: GONG
1. to restore trust in European Union institutions by strengthening their transparency and enhancing local practices of EU citizenship, focused on bigger participation at European parliament elections 1.1. by producing research and analysis with recommendations to enhance institutional setup for the right to vote and transparency and anti-corruption mechanisms for political campaigns, by daily fact-checking of political decision-makers, by launching beta version of database on politically exposed persons in Croatia “Mosaic of Influence”1.2. by information creation and sharing in particular at the Open Data Weekend1.3. by evidence based public advocacy campaigning and networking focused on International Day of Democracy (September 15) International Right to Know Day (September 28)1.4. by education of the young first-time voters European Parliament elections and education of civil society organizations on right to information and general data protection regulation 2. to strengthen consensus building efforts by enabling stronger and more transparent civic engagement in decision-making processes regarding transparency and anti-corruption on EU level regarding Croatian EU Presidency2.1. by producing research and analysis with recommendations on key policy debates at the EU level as possible priorities for Croatian EU Presidency and comparative research of institutional framework for lobbying transparency in the SEE region2.2. by organizing preparatory meetings of civil society in Croatia about transparency and openness of EU institutions as part of the agenda of Croatia’s Presidency of the EU, and by organizing a discussion seminar at the POINT international conference on the possible 6th scenario for the future of Europe that would include the SEE region.2.3. by evidence based public advocacy on setting the agenda of Croatian EU presidency, by awareness raising campaign up to the International Anti-corruption Day (December 9) to promote enrolment of civil society organizations in Transparency Register 2.4. by enhancing education activities with development of a handbook for participation in decision making processes and development of curricula for e-participation educational module 3. to create a sense of belonging to EU and EU citizenship identity and values by strengthening citizenship education in public policy and practice3.1. by comparative analysis of tendencies in formal citizenship education (focused on EU and global education and about refugees and migration) and by comparative analysis of best practice examples of citizenship education in non-formal education 3.2. by information creation via online awareness rising campaign including visual materials for civic and media literacy as well as organizing public discussions and film projections focused on civic and media literacy 3.3. by evidence based public advocacy and networking at the informal “Democracy week” in Croatia and by providing advocacy support to inclusive education of national minorities in their respective languages and EU and global dimensions of non-formal education3.4. by education of high-school teachers (6-10 days) about their rights as EU citizens, by development of "Online edu catalogue" for citizenship education and democratic engagement, by organizing volunteering and Internship programme for youth, by production of civic literacy publication and revision of media literacy handbook and by educational campaign on fact-checking in everyday life.
Start Date: 01-01-2018
End Date: 31-12-2018
Duration in months: 12
Total Budget: 282992
Year (Call): 2018
Activity: Operating grants: Structural support for European public policy research organisations (thinktanks) and civil society organisations at European level.
Sub-Activity: Democratic engagement and civic participation
Organisation: GONG
Postal Code: 10000
Region: Grad Zagreb
Organisation type: European public policy research organisations (thinktanks)
PIC: 949679568
No partners available for this project
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