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Programme: Europe for Citizens
Identifier: 595326-CITIZ-1-2017-2-HR-CITIZ-TT
Title: Adriatic intergenerational debate to face Euroscepticism
The main results of the project was exchange the experience and start a cooperation between the people of both municipalities. The topics that were covered by this project ware understanding and debating Euroscepticism, young people in the European Union and their potential and possibility, the benefit of being part of European Union, the benefit of being part of one big large common market, but also cooperation between two municipalities and numerous possibilities of cooperation between our citizens. There was organized a panel discussion on time of understanding and debating Euroscepticism, and debating on the future of Europe. On the discussion both of municipalities has present their experience of being a part, a member of European Union, and has present how being a member has influenced on daily life of citizens. This panel was organized to explain the importance of Town Twinning and collaboration of two municipalities. This discussion encourage democratic and civil participation of citizens at Union level.The countries that ware direct involved ware Italy and Croatia, respectively the Municipality of Gradara and the Municipality of Svetvinčenat. Number of direct involved participants was 105 person from both municipality. Indirect involved participants of this project are all citizen of both municipalities. One of the project result is developed strong, dynamic and long – lasting network of this two municipalities, based on the intercultural dialogue, similar activities in tourism, culture, association, and other area of daily life.One of the result of this project it was also develop a common souvenir. The common souvenir is a Chocolate box with pralines in the form of a cannon called „Bombarda“ that is the oldest Venetian weapon, which examples were found in both municipalities.
Start Date: 26-01-2018
End Date: 20-10-2018
Duration in months: 9
Total Budget: 16500
Year (Call): 2017
Activity: Strand2: Democratic engagement and civic participation
Sub-Activity: Town twinning
Postal Code: 52342
City: PULA
Region: Istarska županija
Organisation type: Local Public body
PIC: 936372138
Address: VIA MANCINI, 23
Postal Code: 61012
Region: Marche
PIC: 913578011
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