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Programme: Europe for Citizens
Identifier: 615623-CITIZ-1-2019-2-HR-CITIZ-TT
Title: Jednaka MOneta Za jEdnake mogucnoSti
Europeans have benefitted from the opportunities offered by integrated economies with open borders, but the advantages are not always immediately tangible to all. People expect Europe to defend their interests and keep threats at bay, but also to respect their identities. Priorities that are set for the Union for the next five years are to invest and prepare our economies for the future and make the Economic and Monetary Union more solid and resilient factor of stability. The financial crisis and recession have highlighted a range of problems with the 'euro project'. This may lead to lower trust in the EU and higher levels of euroscepticism domestically. Through workshops, debates, meetings and other activities in the project, citizens of Europe will have an oportunity to discuss, prevent and establish a long term cooperation with project partners to adress this issue. Participating partners will adress important aspects of their vision on the future of the EU, especially after the introduction of the euro. Active discussion will be ensured for all participants in the project and the discussion will include those participants who are poorly familiar with the project topic.For the purpose of providing information to the wider community, project partners will write an info guide for European Union citizens to better understand the Union and its priorities. This will ensure long-term visibility and provide information to the general public.
Start Date: 20-02-2020
End Date: 20-11-2020
Duration in months: 9
Total Budget: 10080
Year (Call): 2019
Activity: Strand2: Democratic engagement and civic participation
Sub-Activity: Town twinning
Address: MARUSEVEC 6
Postal Code: 42243
Region: Varaždinska županija
Organisation type: Local Public body
PIC: 920598968
Address: CSEPREGI U. 4.
Postal Code: 9733
Region: Vas
PIC: 932418903
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