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Programme: Europe for Citizens
Identifier: 595313-CITIZ-1-2017-2-HR-CITIZ-TT
Title: Volunteering in times of crisis
Individual volunteers, as well as organized volunteer groups, offered plenty of skills and resources that were used before, during and after the crisis. Activities on the project stimulate and encourage volunteering through active involvement of citizens in social processes in their community, creating a sense of belonging to the community, building a sense of solidarity and diminishing the sense of social and political marginalization and exclusion. Participants on the project from Petrijanec and Destrnik held meetings discussing the significance and difficulties of volunteering and opportunities for developing volunteering at the local level and contributing to the development of volunteering at Union level. One of the activities of the project was the conclusion document and transfer of the same to Croatian parliamentarians in the EU Commission to encourage citizens to engage in the decision-making and policy-making process of the European Union. The project promoted volunteering as one of the simplest forms of citizen participation in community development processes, intended for each member of society, regardless of sex, age or race, as it supports the right of all women, men and children to freely associate in volunteer work, regardless of its culture and ethical affiliation, religion, gender, health status and social or economic position, in accordance with the specific purpose of the Program. Project participants, more than 75 of them highlighted existing ways of volunteering as a mechanism for solidarity and assistance in areas affected by natural disasters and crisis situations due to unfavorable political events such as migration of political refugees. Project also emphasized the importance and motivation of volunteers through associations in the countries of the partner countries, which are concerned with gathering the necessary material resources and helping the unemployed. The project emphasizes the need for intercultural dialogue and assistance to accident victims in crisis situations through volunteering to ensure community security and social cohesion. This project promoted volunteerism and thus contributed to the formation of a union society, based on core values.Project took place in Petrijanec (Croatia) for the citizens of Municipality of Petrijanec and Municipality of Destrnik (Slovenia). Project included 75 citizens directly, and at the same number indirectly, 75 to be exact. Project was implemented in the form of:1) Round table (topics: Institutional and legal frameworks for volunteering in participating countries, Social and cultural context of volunteering and the economic value of volunteering, Volunteering in a crisis situation caused by natural disasters and the migration crisis and Volunteer contribution to the implementation of European Union policies)2) Seminar (causes and consequences of the migration crisis),3) Intercultural event (Intercultural examples of social engagement in local communities),
Start Date: 26-01-2018
End Date: 20-10-2018
Duration in months: 9
Total Budget: 5000
Year (Call): 2017
Activity: Strand2: Democratic engagement and civic participation
Sub-Activity: Town twinning
Postal Code: 42206
Region: Croatia Extra-Regio
Organisation type: Local Public body
PIC: 911248847
Postal Code: 2253
Region: Podravska
PIC: 911092483
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