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Programme: Europe for Citizens
Identifier: 601420-CITIZ-1-2018-1-HR-CITIZ-TT
Title: Cepin and Herceg Novi: together in past - together in future
The project “Together in Past- together in the Future” lasted 4 days, from 17th September until 21th September 2018. All the objectives have been achieved.The municipality of Čepin contacted Montenegro, our neighbouring state, actually the representatives of the municipality of Herceg Novi. As Republic of Montenegro and Republic of Croatia were on opposite sides during the war in 1990s, this project was in fact an ideal opportunity for renewing an old friendship. Creating new international friendships will help create a single market that will respect the freedom of movement of people, goods, service, and capital to create a common European identity.The main result of the project “Together in past- together in future” is the restoration of an old friendship in the spirit of creating unique European identity. The agreement on co-operation between the two municipalities has been signed within the project, which has also renewed fraternization since 1965. The debate launched by the Mayor of Čepin on Euroscepticism has contributed to the strengthening of EU policies in which citizens are public policy makers, and initial contact were established between NGOs, and entrepreneurs of both municipalities, that will be nourished during the following years, through some new joint projects.Covered themes1. Involvement and role of the local self-government unit in community life. Such is the representation of the Čepin municipality and its main activities on which it is based, and that is namely agriculture. The municipality of Herceg Novi presented its main activity, tourism. The conference, which took place on the first day of the project, strengthened the democratic and civilian cooperation between the citizens of the two municipalities and united them in their differences which will connect them in the future.2. Presentation and mutual acquaintance of local entrepreneurs from the Čepin municipality with local projects in Herceg Novi. Similarly, hosts from the Herceg Novi municipality gave us a tour of the new complex "Portonovi" Kumbor, where we had a chance to see how local drainage and water supply, local traffic and local manifestations work during the day. The hosts showed us the daily life of Herceg Novi's citizens.3. Presentation of cultural differences and tradition is shown - during the concert where the Cultural Art Society “Ivan Kapistran Adamović” from Čepin, the Cultural Art Society “Sloga” from Herceg Novi and the Cultural Art Society “AS” also from Herceg Novi participated. In the performance itself, it was already clear from Čepin's folk costumes that we were different from Herceg Noviʼs folk costumes. The same performance of traditional dances is very incompatible with each other and so different that we had the opportunity to enjoy the unforeseen dance performance in one place.4. The citizens of the Čepin municipality have gained experience attained by the membership in the European Union and presented all benefits to the members of Herceg Novi, who are on their way to join the European Community. This initiated the process of strengthening a common European identity that connects residents of both places. During the panel discussion, the issue of Euroscepticism in the context of common European future was particularly emphasized; the participants agreed that the common European path is stronger than all differences, with particular attention being given to the testimonies of representatives of the entrepreneurial, public and civil sector on all the benefits of Croatia's membership in the European Union. The number of direct users from the Čepin municipality is 88, while the number of direct users from the municipality of Herceg Novi is 90. However, the number of indirect users was still much higher because they were public and accessible to all passers-by, citizens, and also to the guests of the hotel where we were located. The approximate number of users was about
Start Date: 20-08-2018
End Date: 20-04-2019
Duration in months: 8
Total Budget: 14615
Year (Call): 2018
Activity: Strand2: Democratic engagement and civic participation
Sub-Activity: Town twinning
Organisation: OPCINA CEPIN
Postal Code: 31431
Region: Osječko-baranjska županija
Organisation type: Local Public body
PIC: 913313201
Region: Montenegro Extra-Regio
PIC: 911722692
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