2016 Programme guide

The Erasmus+ Programme Guide is the key document for anybody who would like to have a thorough knowledge of the Erasmus+ programme.

This version of the guide only applies to the 2016 Erasmus+ call. For information about the latest version, please visit the Programme Guide page.

A table of indicative funding amounts is also available for some centralised actions.

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What is it?

The Erasmus+ Programme Guide (version 2 of 07/01/2016, incorporating the corrigendum of 15/12) was an integral part of the 2016 Erasmus+ Call for Proposals and its corrigendum, published on 22/10/2015.

The document provides information on:

  • the priorities of the programme,
  • the actions supported,
  • the funding available for different actions,
  • detailed information on participation.

Which language versions are available?

The 2016 Programme Guide is available in the following languages:

bg cs da de et el en es fr it lv
lt hr hu mt nl pl pt ro sk sl fi

What are the main changes?

The main changes since 2015 included:

  • New opportunities in Vocational Education and Training Mobility (possibility for organisations to apply for mobility projects with and without a VET Charter)
  • More targeted Strategic Partnerships (clearer distinction between projects supporting innovation and supporting exchange of best practices)
  • Revised format of Sector Skills Alliances: two strands supporting needs identification and design and delivery of VET
  • New opportunities in sport: Small Collaborative Partnerships.

Throughout the Guide, a special focus was put on encouraging projects supporting social inclusion (notably of refugees and migrants), as well as preventing radicalisation.

Where to find previous versions of the guide?

Version 1 of the 2016 Programme Guide was updated with a corrigendum on 15/12/2015. The current version, version 2, includes the changes from the corrigendum.

The previous versions of the 2015 Programme Guide (which only apply to the 2015 Erasmus+ Call for Proposals) are available below:

The 2014 Programme Guide is also available for consultation, but applies only to the 2014 Erasmus+ Call for Proposals.

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