Participant portal

The Participant Portal is an electronic platform used to manage the Erasmus+ programme. Organisations or experts hoping to take part in Erasmus+ will have to register with the portal.

The portal offers a variety of features, services and tools for Erasmus+ participants to make it easier to apply for, monitor and manage proposals and/or projects online.

To sign up to the portal, users will have to open an account with EU Login.

More information on using the portal is available from the Portal's frequently asked questions, as well as the User Guide.

Participant Identification Codes

A Participant Identification Code, or PIC, is a code issued to organisations that subscribe to the Participant Portal. Although registration is not compulsory, organisations that have registered in the Portal will not have to submit their legal and financial information for every application.

To obtain a PIC, you will have to open an EU login account; information on this can be found in the Portal FAQs and User Guide.

Lost PIC

If you have lost your PIC or cannot remember it, please follow the instructions of the Portal FAQs.

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