Application form, Vocational education

Call 2019 VET learner and staff mobility with VET mobility charter (KA116)

Factsheet, Vocational education

Celebrating similarities and differences

Learning traditional skills and crafts from across Europe adds inspiration and...

Factsheet, Schools

Discovering identity through art

The Art Nouveau movement that captivated Europe during the 19th and 20th centuries has...

Factsheet, Schools

An innovative way of studying nature

Nature and cultural heritage preservation became more familiar to young people around...

Factsheet, Schools

Kings (and queens) of the castle

The project ‘History a (very) bit different: A virtual intercultural tour across the...

Factsheet, Higher education

Developing cultural tourism in the Western Balkans

A growing number of tourists in Western Balkan countries have inspired...

Factsheet, Higher education

Shaping new educational standards in archaeology

Although archaeology is traditionally taught at many European...

Factsheet, Higher education

Shaping future leaders in cultural heritage conservation

SAHC – Advanced Masters in Structural Analysis of Monuments and...

Factsheet, Higher education

Mixing science and humanities

Today's multidisciplinary approaches need new generations of interdisciplinary professionals...

Factsheet, Schools

An innovative way of studying the Second World War

The project ‘Wojtek the Soldier Bear’ helps students study history of...


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