Erasmus+ Student Charter

Each Erasmus+ student will be given an Erasmus+ Student Charter by their sending university or higher education institution after their selection. The Student Charter highlights the rights and obligations of students participating in Erasmus+. It informs Erasmus+ students about what they are entitled to and what is expected of them during their secondment for studies and/or for a traineeship.

In particular, the Erasmus+ Student Charter outlines the basic entitlements of the Erasmus+ students, such as free tuition and full recognition of studies or traineeship abroad. The Charter also specifies the main obligations of the Erasmus+ students, providing them with a concise idea of their duties with regard to both their sending and receiving higher education institutions/enterprise.

Download the Erasmus+ Student Charter in English below:

(translations will be available soon)


Info and contact

You can also contact your university or college’s registry office for details of specific exchanges between institutions. For further enquiries, please contact your Erasmus+ National Agency or National Erasmus+ Office available in certain Partner Countries.


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