Model application forms

Please note that these documents apply to the 2021 Call for Proposals.

The 2020 documents2019 documents, 2018 documents, 2017 documents2016 documents, 2015 documents and 2014 documents have been archived.

Models of the electronic application form are available for consultation to assist with preparations for applications.


Samples of the electronic application form are available for consultation to assist with preparations for applications.

These documents represent samples of application forms. They must not be used for real applications to a National Agency.

Please also note that the sections and questions presented below may ultimately differ from the electronic application form made available to applicant organisations. We strongly advise that you check the questions carefully when filling in a real application.

KA1 - Learning mobility of individuals

KA2 – Cooperation among organisations and institutions

Jean Monnet Actions:

Sport actions:


The following standard templates must be attached to applications forms, in accordance with the requirements set in the Programme Guide for each action.

Key Action 1: Template for the timetable of activities that must be attached to the following application form.

Mandates: If applicable, partner organisations must sign mandates by which the coordinator is authorised to act on their behalf during the implementation of the project. Mandates must be attached to the application form. A template of the mandate (in .doc and .odt) with guidelines on its use is available.

Other supporting documents

For grant support to travel costs in the Erasmus+ Programme, travel distances must be calculated using the distance calculator.

The Organisation Registration system for Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps provides a unique identifier (Organisation ID) for any organisation that intends to apply for accrediation or for a grant for Erasmus+ actions managed by national agencies. More information is available in the Organisation Registration system guide (EU Login required).

For centralised actions with Erasmus+, registration is through the SEDIA funding and tenders portal.


Guidelines for completing the web forms and guidelines explaining the web application process.

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