Useful terms on project results

This page contains a list of terms used around project results with their meaning explained.


A planned process of informing relevant target audiences about the results of projects. This involves sharing products, practices, knowledge and experience gained during the project.


A planned process of sharing successful results to stakeholders outside the project’s organisations and applying them beyond the project’s scope. This involves communicating results and recommendations to policymakers (at local, national or EU level) and encouraging relevant stakeholders to reuse processes and products developed during the project. By planning an exploitation process properly, you can maximise the potential and added value of the EU-funded activities.


The difference the project has made in its relevant field and its contribution to the overall objectives of the Erasmus+ programme.


Achievements of the projects which can be classified as:

  • Output - a tangible product which is produced by a given project and which may be quantified. Includes products like curricula, studies, reports, materials, events or websites.
  • Outcome - an intangible added value achieved during the project such as increased awareness, new skills, improved abilities, knowledge and experience.

Good practice

A term given to a project that has been particularly well managed and can act as a source of inspiration for others.

Success story

A term given to projects that have distinguished themselves by their impact, contribution to policy-making, innovative results, creative approach and ability to inspire others.

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