Impact and Dissemination Toolkit

The Erasmus+ Toolkit is a collection of resources on impact and dissemination of projects. With the aim of improving the quality and impact of the programme, the Erasmus+ National Agencies developed the toolkit as part of Transnational Cooperation Activities.


Manual on dissemination and exploitation of strategic partnership project results

This manual aims to support project coordinators with successful dissemination and exploitation of strategic partnership project results.

The manual is available in French and German.

Impact evaluation of Erasmus+ mobility

Supported by Erasmus+ France and the Education and Training Agency, the 7th edition of “Les notes de l’Observatoire” is the result of a dynamic, collective production on Erasmus+ mobility impact evaluation. The project can provide valuable insight toward taking the next step in programme data collection.

Handbook for dissemination, exploitation and sustainability of educational projects

The handbook provides guidance for how to achieve good dissemination, exploitation and sustainable results for educational projects. The handbook is the result of collaboration between 7 institutions involved in DIVA, a Life Long Learning project.

Impact Assessment Training

The Education, Culture and Audiovisual Executive Agency (EACEA) and the "Strategy and Quality" working group of the Euroguidance network proposed a ‘training and reflection’ session on impact assessment during the Euroguidance study days. You can learn more about the impact assessment by watching the presentation.

How to recognise project results and share them with the wider community?

Learn how to recognise project results and share them with the wider community. Developed by the Irish National Agency, the two documents below provide excellent information on impact and dissemination issues.

Impact and evaluation resources

The UK National Agency has developed the Impact and Evaluation Resources tool that contains the Impact+ Exercise, among others. The Impact+ Exercise can help you to measure and evaluate the impact of your project.

Guide on dissemination and impact in Erasmus+ higher education projects

This guide is intended for higher education institutions wishing to submit an Erasmus+ partnership project. From the application stage onwards, the guide aims to provide support in the development and implementation of plans for dissemination, exploitation of results and assessment of their projects’ impact.

The guide is only available in French.

Guide on dissemination and impact in Erasmus+ school projects

This guide aims to support Erasmus+ school coordinators on impact and dissemination issues. It explains how to assess impact, identify indicators and create a dissemination plan.

European cooperation in education and training: added value and impact

The sixth edition of “Les Notes de l’Observatoire Erasmus +” highlights the key results of a study on the impacts of the Erasmus+ partnerships. It presents a typology of the proven added values of cooperation projects and introduces five success factors for Erasmus+ partnerships.

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