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Higher education student and staff mobility project

This is a higher education student and staff mobility project, please consult the website of the organisation to obtain additional details.

1 participating countries:Country code: TR
Start:01/06/2020 – End:31/05/2022
EU Grant:27,600 EUR
Key Action:Learning Mobility of Individuals
Action Type:Higher education student and staff mobility within programme countries

Good practice

Promoting Interdisciplinary Europeanisation Studies in Ukraine

The proposed Jean Monnet Module is relevant for students and academics who do not automatically come into contact with EU studies but are interested in applying EU interdisciplinary and Europeanisation studies methodology and knowledge in their research. This is the first EU interdisciplinary module course in Ukraine with emphasis on the study of Europeanisation. The proposed Jean Monnet Module will introduce doctoral students and academics to contemporary methodology on EU interdisciplina...

1 participating countries:Country code: UA
Start:01/09/2014 – End:31/08/2017
EU Grant:22,260 EUR
Key Action:Jean Monnet Activities
Action Type:Jean Monnet Academic Modules
  • New innovative curricula/educational methods/development of training courses
  • Open and distance learning
  • Research and innovation

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