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This section is intended to share results, lessons learned, outcomes and findings from Erasmus+ projects. Discover the benefits of the Erasmus+ programme in action and how they contribute to achieving the goal of modernising education, training and youth work across Europe.

Find out what is happening in the education sector across Europe and beyond. Search among more than 130 000 projects  available in the Erasmus+ Project Results Platform, a database that provides you with  an overview of all projects supported by the European Commission under the Erasmus+ programme.

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Latest project

Higher education student and staff mobility project

This is a higher education student and staff mobility project, please consult the website of the organisation to obtain additional details.

1 participating countries:Country code: IT
Start:01/06/2019 – End:30/09/2020
EU Grant:2,815,199 EUR
Key Action:Learning Mobility of Individuals
Action Type:Higher education student and staff mobility within programme countries

Good practice


INTER-NATIONAL net_works+ was a training and networking project for youth workers, educators and organisers of youth music competitions across Europe. Based on the evaluation during a pilot project in 2014, the main objective was to facilitate exchange and create sustainable cooperation between participants to find creative and innovative solutions to the new challenges facing youth workers and organisers of youth activities in the cultural field in order to improve the quality of support sy...

7 participating countries:Country code: LUCountry code: NOCountry code: LTCountry code: DECountry code: SKCountry code: ESCountry code: MK
Start:01/09/2015 – End:31/08/2018
EU Grant:129,450 EUR
Key Action:Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices
Action Type:Strategic Partnerships for youth
  • EU Citizenship, EU awareness and Democracy
  • Creativity and culture
  • Youth (Participation, Youth Work, Youth Policy)

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