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What to do in order to submit an Erasmus+ Application?

To submit an Erasmus+ project, applicants must follow the four steps described below:

  • Each organisation involved in the application must be registered:
    • For actions managed by the Executive Agency, organisations must register in the Funding & tender opportunities portal and receive a Participant Identification Code (PIC). Organisations/groups that have already obtained a PIC through their participation in other EU programmes do not need to register again. The PIC obtained from this previous registration is valid also for applying under Erasmus+;
    • For actions managed by National Agencies, organisations must register through the Organisation Registration system for Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps and receive an Organisation ID. Organisations that have a PIC and have previously applied for funding in the Erasmus+ or European Solidarity Corps programmes through the National Agencies should not register again – they will be assigned an Organisation ID automatically.
  • check the compliance with the Programme criteria for the relevant Action/field;
  • check the financial conditions;
  • fill in and submit the application form.