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Step 4: Fill in and submit the application form

To request an EU grant under the Erasmus+ Programme, applicants must use the forms specific for each Action and available on the websites of the European Commission, of the National Agencies or of the Executive Agency (for the contact details, see Annex IV of this Guide).

In case of projects submitted on behalf of consortia, the coordinating organisation or group submits a single application for the whole project on behalf of all the participating organisations. The application must be submitted to the appropriate National or Executive Agency (see sections "where to apply" for each Action, in Part B of this Guide).


Application procedure

Online e-Forms

For most Actions of the Programme, applicants are required to submit their application online to the appropriate National or Executive Agency using the correct electronic form and including all requested annexes. Applications sent by post, courier service, fax or email will not be accepted.

The electronic form must be completed in one of the official languages used in Programme Countries. In case of Actions managed at centralised level by the Executive Agency, applicants must fill in the form in one of the EU official languages.

For more information, consult the guidelines on how to fill in and submit an electronic form. These guidelines also provide information on what to do in case of technical problems; they are available on the websites of the National Agencies (specific for decentralised Actions), Executive Agency (specific for centralised Actions) and European Commission.

In case of multiple submissions of the same application in the same selection round to the same National Agency or the Executive Agency, the National or Executive Agency will always consider valid the last version submitted before the deadline has expired. In case of multiple submissions of the same or very similar applications of the same applicant organisation or consortium to different Agencies, all applications will be automatically rejected (see section on non-cumulative award).


Application forms on paper

Some centralised Actions of the Programme may not be supported by electronic forms. For these Actions, applications must be sent by post (date as per postmark) or courier service (date of receipt by the courier service) to the Executive Agency (see contact details in Annex IV of this Guide). Applications sent by fax or email will not be accepted.

Applicants cannot make any changes to their grant application after the submission deadline.


Respect the deadline

The application must be submitted by the deadline set for each Action. The deadlines for the submission of projects are specified for each Action in the Part B "Eligibility Criteria" of this Guide.


N.B.: irrespective of the day of the deadline, the deadline for submission of electronic forms is always set at 12:00 (midday Brussels time). Applicants established in countries that have a different time zone should carefully consider the time differences to avoid rejections.