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Step 1: Register in the Participant Portal

All organisations involved in the application must be registered and provide their basic legal and financial data in the Education, Audiovisual, Culture, Citizenship and Volunteering Participant Portal, if not already done.

To register in the Participant Portal, the person representing an organisation (or an informal group of young people) must carry out the following steps:

The organisation/group need to register only once in the Participant Portal.  Once the registration is completed, the organisation/group will obtain a Participant Identification Code (PIC). The PIC, which is a unique identifier and is necessary for the submission of applications, enables the organisation/group to fill-in the Erasmus+ electronic application forms in a simpler manner (i.e. by inserting the PIC number in the form, all the information provided by the organisation/group at registration stage will be automatically displayed in the form).


Proof of legal status and financial capacity

At the time of the registration, organisations must also upload the following documents in the Participant Portal:

For grants exceeding 60 000 EUR, applicants may need to upload specific documents to give proof of their financial capacity. For more details, see the section "Selection Criteria" below. 

The Financial Identification form should be provided only for the applicant organisation, but is not required for the partner organisations.