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Information on the grants awarded

In line with the principle of transparency and the requirement for ex-post publicity, information on the recipients of the Union funds must be published on the website of the Commission, the Executive Agency and/or the National Agencies during the first half of the year following the closure of the financial year for which they were awarded.

The information may also be published in any other appropriate medium, including the Official Journal of the European Union.

The National Agencies and the Executive Agency will publish the following information:

  • name and locality of the beneficiary;
  • amount of grant awarded;
  • nature and purpose of the award.

Upon a reasoned and duly substantiated request by the beneficiary, the publication shall be waived if such disclosure risks threatening the rights and freedoms of individuals concerned as protected by the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union or harm the commercial interests of the beneficiaries.

As far as personal data referring to natural persons are concerned, the information published shall by removed two years after the end of the financial year in which the funds were awarded.

The same shall apply to personal data indicated in the official titles of legal persons (e.g. an association or company having as title the names of their founders).

This information shall not be published for scholarships paid to natural persons and other direct support paid to natural persons in most need (refugees and unemployed persons). Also the beneficiary organisations are not authorised to publish this type of information in relation to persons receiving a mobility grant under Erasmus+.