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Checks and audits

The National or Executive Agency and/or the European Commission may carry out technical and financial checks and audits in relation to the use of the grant. They may also check the statutory records of the beneficiary (or co-beneficiary) for the purpose of periodic assessments of lump sum, unit cost or flat-rate financing. The beneficiary (or co-beneficiary) will undertake, with the signature of its legal representative, to provide proof that the grant has been used correctly. The European Commission, the Executive Agency, National Agencies and/or the European Court of Auditors, or a body mandated by them, may check the use made of the grant at any time up to five years, or for up to three years for grants not exceeding 60 000 EUR, starting from the date of payment of the balance or execution of the recovery by the National or Executive Agency. Therefore, beneficiaries shall keep records, original supporting documents, statistical records and other documents connected with the grant during this period.

For projects managed at centralised level by the Executive Agency, different types of audit procedures may be applied according to the type of Action concerned and the size of the grant awarded (if applicable, Audit Type I for grants exceeding 60 000 EUR and lower than 750 000 EUR; Audit Type II for grants of 750 000 EUR or higher). More information is available on the website of the Executive Agency.

The detailed provisions concerning checks and audits are described in the grant agreement or grant decision.