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Participating organisations

Erasmus+ projects are submitted and managed by participating organisations representing the participants. If a project is selected, the applicant organisation becomes a beneficiary of an Erasmus+ grant. Beneficiaries sign a grant agreement or are notified of a grant decision which entitles them to receive financial support for the realisation of their project (grant agreements are not signed with individual participants). Some Actions of the Programme are also open to informal groups of young people.

As a general rule, organisations participating in Erasmus+ projects must be established in a Programme Country. Some Actions are also open to participating organisations from Partner Countries, notably in the field of higher education and youth.

The specific conditions for participating in an Erasmus+ project depend on the type of Action supported by the Programme. In general terms, the Programme is open to any organisation active in the fields of education, training, youth or sport. Several Actions are also open to the participation of other players in the labour market.

For more details, please consult Part B and Annex I of this Guide.