Capacity building (youth)

How to Apply

Organisations interested in applying should consult the Education Audiovisual, and Culture Executive Agency website.

What is the aim?

Capacity building projects in the field of youth aim to:

  • foster cooperation and exchanges between Programme and Partner Countries
  • improve the quality and recognition of youth-work, non-formal learning, and volunteering in Partner Countries and enhance synergies with education systems and the labour market
  • foster new non-formal learning mobility schemes and programmes, and
  • promote transnational non-formal learning mobility between Programme and Partner Countries, with a focus on the under-privileged.

Capacity building projects should focus on activities that;

  • promote strategic cooperation between youth organisations and public authorities (in Partner Countries)
  • promote cooperation between youth and education organisations, as well as business and the labour market
  • build the capacity of youth organisations and authorities
  • enhance the management, governance, innovation capacity and internationalisation of youth organisations
  • launch, test, and implement youth work-practices, such as professional development and informal learning
  • promote new forms of training and new approaches to youth work
  • promote cooperation, networking, and peer-learning to improvement the management of youth organisations.

What is the opportunity?

Erasmus+ provides the opportunity for organisations to implement projects that aim to:

  • encourage policy dialogue, cooperation, networking, and the exchange of best practices
  • organise large scale youth events (of up two days)
  • organise information and awareness campaigns
  • develop information, communication, and media tools
  • develop youth work methods, tools, materials, curricula, training modules, and documentation instruments (such as Youthpass)
  • create new forms of delivering youth work and providing training and support.

There are two main types of Capacity Building projects:

  • Standard Capacity Building projects (Regions 5-13), which aim to increase the capacity of organisations and may include mobility activities, and
  • Western Balkans Youth Window projects (Region 1), which aim at increasing the capacity of organisations through mobility activities (potentially complemented by capacity building activities).

The Mobility activities that can be implemented include:

How does it work?

Organisations intending to apply must do so as part of a consortium of at least three organisations from three different countries, of which one must be a Programme Country and another an eligible Partner Country.

What else should you know?

Projects should last from 9 months to 2 years. There are various additional eligibility criteria. More information on these criteria is available in the Programme Guide.

How do you apply?

Organisations interested in applying should consult the Education Audiovisual, and Culture Executive Agency website.

Find out more

The Erasmus+ Programme Guide is the main source of information on capacity building opportunities, although more information on the application process is available from the European Education and Culture Executive Agency.

For further information you can contact the Education, Audiovisual, and Culture Executive Agency.

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