Jean Monnet Networks

How to Apply

Organisations interested in applying should do so through the Education, Audiovisual, and Culture Executive Agency.

What is the aim?

Jean Monnet Networks aim to foster the creation and development of consortia to gather information, build knowledge, exchange ideas, and promote European integration.

What is the opportunity?

Erasmus+ provides the opportunity for eligible organisations to:

  • gather and promote information and results of high-level research and teaching methods on EU studies
  • enhance cooperation between different higher education institutions and other relevant organisations
  • exchange knowledge and expertise to mutually enhance good practices
  • foster cooperation and create knowledge exchange platforms with public actors and the European Commission

There are also opportunities to support the enhancement of existing networks supporting specific activities, notably fostering the participation of young researchers in EU-related themes.

How does it work?

Organisations intending to apply must be the coordinator of a network consisting of at least three institutions from three different countries.

Although organisations of any type active in the field of European integration may participate, higher education institutions from Programme Countries must hold a valid Erasmus Charter for Higher Education. The designated European institutions (identified in the Regulation establishing the Erasmus+ Programme) pursuing an aim of European interest are not eligible.

A Network is expected to become a reference point for the subject they cover, as well as a multiplier of knowledge, contributing to the collection, analysis and distribution of information.

What else should you know?

Networks are responsible for developing their own work plan and, if selected for funding, are expected to implement the activities as described during the period covered by the grant.

How do you apply?

Organisations interested in applying should do so through the Education, Audiovisual, and Culture Executive Agency.

Find out more

The Erasmus+ Programme Guide is the main source of information on Jean Monnet Networks, although more information on the application process is available from the Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency.

For further information you can contact the Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency, or you can contact the European Commission.

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