Jean Monnet Modules


Jean Monnet Modules  are short teaching programmes or courses on EU studies. They can be introductory modules on the EU, courses that concentrate on a specific aspect or discipline within EU studies, or be more multi-disciplinary in approach.

Coordinators of Jean Monnet Modules are encouraged to:

  • publish peer-reviewed articles during the grant period. The grant will cover part of the publication and, if need be, part of the translation costs
  • participate in dissemination and information events in your country and around Europe
  • organise events (lectures, seminars, workshops, etc.) with policymakers, civil society and schools
  • network with other academics and researchers involved in Jean Monnet in your country and around Europe
  • apply open educational resources and publish the summaries, content, schedule and expected outcomes of your activities


Each module must last a minimum of 40 hours per academic year.

Jean Monnet Modules must be coordinated by professors and researchers working in a higher education institution.

To support young researchers starting their academic careers, up to 20% of the budget will go to modules coordinated by researchers who have obtained a Doctoral degree in the last five years.

How to apply

Your higher education institution can apply to coordinate a Jean Monnet Module and receive EU support. These modules can be organised by higher education institutions in Erasmus+ Programme and Partner countries.

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