Wunderbar! Learning German with Erasmus+ OLS language courses

Mariusz, an Erasmus+ participant from Poland, made great progress learning German with the help of the Erasmus+ Online Linguistic Support (OLS).

Mariusz went abroad with Erasmus+ from July to September 2015. In just three months, he managed to jump from A2-level German to a C2 level.

C2-level language proficiency is the highest level of language learning, meaning that you understand virtually everything and that you can express yourself with fluency and precision. Learn more about what the C2 level means by watching the video.

Mariusz spent over 42 hours using the OLS and the results speak for themselves. In this interview, he explains how it helped and what he liked most.

Could you tell us a few words about your overall experience with the Erasmus+ Online Linguistic Support?

I was looking for something like this! The Erasmus + Online Linguistic Support is the perfect way to improve my language skills. I was afraid how much time I should spend in the library to look for textbooks and which one will be the best. I didn’t need this. The OLS language course was enough!

What was your motivation to follow an OLS language course?

My motivation to follow an OLS language course? The transparent layout of the website, the variety of teaching materials and opportunity to learn in a pleasant way without boring routine.

What did you enjoy about the course?

I enjoyed everything! But it’s true that I had my favorite part of the course: “Live Coaching”. Having conversations with my teacher in my own room, without having to spend time commuting to language school was the best.

Did you take advantage of the "Live Coaching" features (Forum, MOOCs)? If yes, did you feel that they helped you improve your language skills?

Yeah! I was taking advantage of the “Live Coaching” features as often as I could. Obviously it wasn’t possible every time, but it didn’t matter! When I missed classes I was catching up with the MOOC’s library. I find that I improved my language skills greatly because of this.

How much do you feel that you benefited from the course?

 I especially noticed an improvement in my practical skills. In the beginning I had a lot of problems with the grammar and it kept me from having a casual conversation. When I started to use the OLS language course this made my conversation easier and more fluent.

Would you recommend other Erasmus+ participants to follow an OLS language course?

Obviously! I would recommend other Erasmus+ participants to follow an OLS language course. I recommend this way of learning and improving language skills very much indeed.

Anything else you would like to share about your experience with the Erasmus+ OLS?

In the end I have an important tip for future and present participants of Erasmus+ Mobility: if you want to improve your language skills in an easy and interesting way, if you are bored with the usual textbook routine, don’t hesitate to use the Erasmus+ Online Linguistic Support. This is the best solution!

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