Where solidarity meets employability

Building houses for Roma communities, taking care of disabled relatives, taking time off work to help others... Besides being a great means for making a contribution to society and meeting new people, these can all be pathways towards greater employability. There are many examples to share.

Having a good heart always pays off but not always in the way you think. This is what the beneficiaries of the TRACK project will discover soon. They are young people who take care of sick, aged or disabled relatives, while trying to study or work, which often proves to be very difficult. To support them, the TRACK project is developing a programme for informal caregivers. This way, they can recognise and assess the skills they have acquired through care giving. This will help participants transfer their informal skills to the labour market.

Other young people participated in a VET mobility project with the Bolton at Home Charity, helping them regain motivation and increase their employability. Some had a volunteering experience in Hungary or Romania, where they worked on various projects like improving housing for Roma communities. Barry Hurst, apprentice coordinator in Bolton at Home said: “when they return there’s a massive change in their maturity, their ability to look at things differently and see that they have a sense of achievement. They can do things and progress, get employment or remain in education and develop themselves.

Another example of where solidarity meets employability is the FUTUR3 project, which helps third-sectors employers (like associations and foundations) identify and be prepared with future skills needs for this sector. The recently launched VOLUNCET project develops a training programme for those who manage volunteers in various settings thus helping them acquire the skills needed for this very specialised profession.

Employers are setting up corporate volunteering schemes, as a tool to develop their staff’s motivation and improve their corporate image while helping to connect businesses and education. The CV PLUS project is empowering staff volunteers with their online training courses and contributing to the empowerment of schools and VET centres managers and trainers.

These inspiring projects and many more are there for you to learn, share and use the various outcomes and results in your own initiatives!

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