Thousands of Erasmus+ participants learning languages with Online Linguistic Support

Erasmus+ Online Linguistic Support (OLS) s the new online tool for learning languages on-the-go.

Launched in October 2014, the number of Erasmus+ participants taking online language courses with OLS is growing steadily and has now reached over 100,000 Erasmus+ mobility participants.

More than 250,000 participants have already signed up for online language assessments.

Erasmus+ Online Linguistic Support milestones and winners

To encourage participants to start learning a language online with OLS, regular contests are being run on Facebook and Twitter.

The lucky winner of the first Erasmus+ goody bag was Vincent , a student in chemistry from France, currently in Scotland with Erasmus+.

He was the 30,000th Erasmus+ participant to learn a language online with OLS. Vincent is using OLS to perfect his English.

Fatoumata was the 35,000th Erasmus+ participant to start language learning online and the second contest winner. She used OLS to improve her English before her Erasmus+ experience.

Doina was the 40,000th Erasmus+ participant to learn languages online with the Erasmus+ Online Lingustic Support. She is from the University of Pitesti (Romania) and currently studying in Portugal, where she studies English.

Kasia from Poland is also a winner for being the 100,000th Erasmus+ participant to access OLS language assessment. She tested her English level online going to Barcelona with Erasmus+.

David takes environmental studies in Luxembourg and was the first learner in Vocational Education and Training to take the OLS language assessment.

The 200,000th Erasmus+ participant to take the OLS language assessment is Florestan from France. He assessed his level in English before heading to Norway on his Erasmus+ exchange. He is another winner of an Erasmus+ goody bag.

Cansu from Turkey is the 250,000th Erasmus+ participant to assess her language skills with the Online Linguistic Support. Now on her Erasmus+ mobility in Germany, she is also taking advantage of the Erasmus+ OLS to improve her level in English.

Online Linguistic Support explained

Erasmus+ OLS helps make sure that people make the most of their time abroad – picking up useful skills for the job market and getting fully immersed into another culture through languages.

Erasmus+ participants can benefit from OLS in different ways. Before they set off, they can assess their language level online.

Once this has been done, Erasmus+ participants can access online materials, courses and language learning forums so that they can improve their language level. After their Erasmus+ experience, participants have the opportunity to assess the progress they made.

OLS is currently available in German, English, Spanish, French, Italian and Dutch. By 2020, Erasmus+ aims to have language learning online up-and-running for all official EU languages.

Sign up to Online Linguistic Support today

A very special surprise awaits the 100,000th participant of OLS language courses, so sign up to OLS and start learning a language today!

Winners will be contacted directly by the Erasmus+ team.

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