The latest version of the Practical Guide for School Leaders is now available

This guide is for school leaders who are looking for more information about the potential of the Erasmus+ programme for pre-primary, primary and secondary education.

Do you want to know how you can use Erasmus+ funding to improve your school? Check the latest version of the Practical Guide for School Leaders available here.

What can you find in the new Practical Guide for School Leaders?

In the first section, the guide outlines the benefits of applying for Erasmus+ funding and reviews the opportunities available to schools within the programme, namely regarding staff mobility and strategic partnerships. This section also explores the advantages of linking up with other schools online through eTwinning and of consulting the resources made available on the School Education Gateway.

The second section provides step-by-step advice on writing a successful Erasmus+ application. This section also offers some inspiring project examples, showing what can be accomplished through Erasmus+.