The Republic of North Macedonia joins Erasmus+

On 4 June 2014, the Commission received the written notification from the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia providing for the entry into force of the Erasmus+ agreement establishing the country's participation in the new education, training, youth and sport programme.

The entry into force of the agreement follows the exchange of letters between Jan Truszczyński, Director-General of the Directorate General responsible for Education and Culture, and Andrej Lepavcov, Ambassador and Head of Mission of the Republic of North Macedonia to the EU, on 26 May 2014.

The entry into force of the agreement is the final step in the accession of the Republic of North Macedonia to the Erasmus+ programme. The country is now officially an Erasmus+ Programme Country and entitled to participate in all the actions of the programme on an equal footing with the 28 EU Member States and the three other non-EU Programme Countries, namely Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein. Turkey, who signed the Erasmus+ agreement on 19 May and is currently finalising its internal procedures, is bound to join the programme soon.

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