Facilitating student and staff exchanges by eliminating paperwork

Dream of a life without paperwork? In today’s world more and more correspondence is done electronically. The ‘Erasmus without Paper’ project has ambitious aims to cut down on paperwork and to enable a standardised transfer of students' data and records between European Higher Education Institutions. Exciting developments could even see the Erasmus Learning Agreement eventually be signed online.

Erasmus Without Paper, an Erasmus+ funded project, responds to the current needs of a large number of beneficiaries ranging from students, institutional Erasmus+ co-ordinators and Higher Education Institutions (HEIs). The project aims to make the management of Erasmus+ student and staff mobility paperless!

The project's partners are developing an electronic Network (a kind of student data internet) that will support the exchange of student data electronically. The Network will connect the servers of HEIs containing Erasmus+ student data. The project is able to connect various software modules to this common Network. This means that eventually it could be used by institutions that don't yet have a developed IT system as well as by those that have an established IT system. This way, every HEI will be able to benefit from paperless management of Erasmus+ mobilities! 

The objective is also to open this Network to other projects, such as  the ‘Learning agreement online system’ which enables the Learning Agreement to be prepared online, sent by email to both the home and host universities, and to be signed using a touchscreen. Overall, these projects aim to make Erasmus+ exchanges more efficient, thus benefiting both staff and students alike.

Finally, stay tuned for the Erasmus+ Mobile App that will provide hands-on information to guide participants in their Erasmus+ adventure with interactive checklists to facilitate their mobility experience and features to speed up administrative processes and increase learning opportunities. The first release is foreseen for June 2017.

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