Eurydice has just released two new publications on education in Europe


The two publications, prepared by the Eurydice network, look at the structure of education in Europe and the duration of compulsory education.

The Structure of the European Education Systems 2017/18: Schematic Diagrams

The Structure of the European Education Systems 2017/18

The report provides information on the structure of mainstream education in European countries from pre-primary to tertiary level for the 2017/18 school and academic years.

Compulsory Education in Europe – 2017/18

Compulsory Education in Europe – 2017/18

The report provides the duration of compulsory education/training throughout Europe. It highlights the starting and leaving ages and distinguishes the notions of full-time and part-time compulsory education/training.

Eurydice network

Eurydice is a network whose task is to explain how education systems are organised in Europe and how they work. It publishes descriptions of national education systems, comparative studies devoted to specific topics, indicators and statistics in the field of education.

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