Erasmus+ trainee masters Dutch with OLS languages courses

Anouk, a student from the Technical University of Köln, jumped from a basic knowledge of Dutch to fluency with the help of the OLS, the online language learning tool available to Erasmus+ participants.

Anouk did a traineeship organised through Erasmus+ in the Netherlands from April to September 2015. In this time, she gained C2 proficiency of Dutch - C2-level proficiency means you can understand practically everything, express elaborate ideas and dig out the linguistic subtleties of language that can be so difficult to grasp.

As well as through her regular use of Erasmus+ Online Linguistics Support (OLS), Anouk's success can be explained through her curiosity about the Dutch language. Not satisfied with just knowing what to say, Anouk wanted to understand the mechanics of the language she was learning.

By studying Dutch grammar with the OLS, Anouk made that important step forward and became comfortable discussing complex and technical subjects in a foreign language.

You can read more about how Anouk used the OLS and why it worked for her below.

Could you tell us a few words about your overall experience with the Erasmus+ OLS? 

Twice in a week I worked on my online course and really liked it. It helped me to improve my language skills and made me feel safer during my internship in the Netherlands. I was able to learn the basics as well as complex language contexts. It was easy to work on it, because of the website being easy and self-explanatory.

What was your motivation to follow an OLS language course?

My motivation was to learn the language basics and the grammar. After a while, it was easy to speak the language. Because this is what you learn in your daily business. It comes with doing. But the grammar, the basics and the “Why am I saying it that way” – you just learn when reading, practicing and doing different assignments. So the online course was the best and easiest way to do.

What did you enjoy about the course?

I enjoyed that I was able to do it wherever I was and whenever I wanted to. I didn’t need to go to a course on a specified time and location. That gives the opportunity of planning your day much more flexible. Besides that the online course is structured very well. So it’s fun to work on the different assignments and lections.

How much do you feel that you benefited from the course?

A lot! The course gave me the language basics I needed. Furthermore it made me understand complex stories and answer on difficult questions. I am now able to speak faultless. And I learned to write. That is the most valuable benefit for me.

Would you say that the OLS language course had a positive impact on your Erasmus+ experience, and if so, can you explain in which way?

Definitely, as soon I was able to speak the language properly, I could participate in a lot more activities, meetings and conversations. Being able to speak the language makes it a lot easier. Moreover the people around you reward, if you speak their language. Besides that there is a personal benefit: You just feel being a part of the group that makes it all easier and more comfortable for yourself.

Would you recommend other Erasmus+ participants to follow an OLS language course?

Absolutely, it would be stupid not to participate. The language course just has positive effects on your language skills and on yourself. Besides learning the language it makes you feel safer in your daily life. Because you are able to communicate with all the people around you easily.