Erasmus+ playing its part in the Africa-Europe Alliance

The EU is well on the way to meeting President Juncker's commitment of funding Erasmus+ higher education scholarships for 35,000 African students and staff by 2020.

The Africa-Europe Alliance is all about investing in people's futures. Primarily by equipping young people with the skills they need to build their futures – and the futures of their respective continents.

Erasmus+ has a big part to play in this field. European Commission President Juncker committed the EU to supporting higher education scholarships for 35,000 African students and staff by 2020.

This additional Erasmus+ funding is having a big impact. In 2019, over 8,000 African students and staff have been granted scholarships to come to European universities, bringing the total to over 26,000 so far – well on the way to next year’s target. The extra funding means more countries are involved: Chad, Mauritania and Liberia are examples of countries that are now receiving scholarships for the first time. More than 4,000 Europeans – primarily academic staff - will visit African universities.

313 of these African students are now starting to study entire master degree programmes in Europe under Erasmus Mundus, including these Nigerian students photographed visiting the EU Delegation in Abuja before they left.

It's not all about mobility. Erasmus+ is also investing in collaborative projects bring African and European universities together to develop skills and knowledge creation in areas vital for sustainable development and job creation.

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