Erasmus+ Key Action 3: a new call for proposals right out of the oven

A new call for proposals has been published under the Key Action 3 of Erasmus+. It will fund transnational cooperation projects aiming at improving European education and training systems.

The general objective of Key Action 3 under Erasmus+ is to stimulate innovation and policy development in Europe. To achieve this goal, the development of effective digital strategies is essential. While many European Universities are putting significant effort into the digitalisation of their activities, these initiatives are rather disconnected, and in some cases, isolated. Their potential is still untapped and it would benefit from greater coordination and dissemination.


Scale up at European level

This is why the higher-education priority in this call will focus on the creation of an integrated online platform, a hub that will host existing EU, national or regional platforms and their activities and will scale them up at the European level. This will enable greater cooperation between European higher education institutions, improve the links between their digital tools and resources, and bring EU added value to digital developments taking place in the field of higher education across Europe. The hub could host training material for academic staff; spaces for discussions for teachers or blended mobility opportunities for students. Blended and digital learning could also be made available, for instance, by setting up virtual classrooms. The platform could also host collaborations between higher education institutions and employers, as well as offer students the possibility to access work-based learning activities or to work on projects proposed by employers.


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Further information on the call for applications can be found in the Official Journal of the European Union and on the website of the Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency.

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