Education that promotes openness: a diversity management course and more

Experiencing and learning from other cultures is at the heart of Erasmus+. Openness to other cultures is a win-win: it's not only rewarding in itself but also brings with it new ideas and experiences that we can observe and then accept or politely decline. Yet openness is not necessarily easy, and sometimes we need a helping hand. These 2 Erasmus+ projects do just that.

Diversity management course – a first in Jordan

Based on a teaching plan developed at the University of Kent, a module on diversity management in Jordan has been developed thanks to Erasmus+ funding under Jean Monnet actions, which seek to foster teaching on EU integration topics. Mutah University in Kerak, Jordan is the first university in the region to offer this module on diversity management in general – with a focus on practice in the European Union more specifically.

Professor Mahmoud Abu Tapanjeh, Dean at Mutah University, explains that ‘cultural diversity management needs to be handled differently in different parts of the world. Our teaching modules look at European practice from the cultural viewpoint of an Islamic country. It's the first time that a module in this area is being drawn up in Jordan, possibly in the Middle East.’ This comes at a critical moment. Jordan is one of the 10 countries hosting the highest number of refugees in the world, according to the UNHCR. A 2013 survey suggests the country is becoming less tolerant, with 51% saying they would not want a neighbour of a different race.

This year, the module is being built into study plans at the master’s and doctoral levels – for example, in the Finance and Human Resources tracks of Mutah's MBA programme.

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Meanwhile, an Erasmus Mundus Masters programme looks more closely at the psychology of how people deal with mobility and diversity. Global-MINDS, the European Master in the Psychology of Global Mobility, Inclusion and Diversity in Society, gives its students thorough training in its core subject area of social and cultural psychology. It also practises what it preaches by emphasising intercultural skills – assets that are indispensable for students to enter today´s global knowledge economy and multicultural working environments.

The course is delivered by the consortium's universities in Lisbon, Warsaw, Oslo, Istanbul and Limerick. In addition to emphasis on learning in the classroom, the course offers a wide range of experiential and intercultural learning through internships. As a result, course graduates have a solid understanding of intergroup and cultural dynamics in modern society.

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Photo: ©Dr. Adel Akram Salloum, Mutah University, Jordan


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