Chinese buildings and Lebanese music

What do Chinese building engineers have in common with Lebanese musicians and social workers? They are all participating in great Erasmus+ projects for vocational education and training.

Erasmus+ projects mostly involve organisations from European countries, but a number of them also include partners from other parts of the world. Here are 2 very different but equally exciting examples of projects that used the opportunity to learn and acquire new expertise from other parts of the world.

The AVEC BNT project brings together European partners from Germany, Latvia and Luxembourg with the Technological and Higher Education Institute of Hong Kong (THEi). This 3-year project involves both professors and students of the cooperating institutions who analyse and compare European and Chinese building codes. For the initiator of the project, Dr Helmut Nikolay, of the BNT Trier (Germany), the focus lies on the answer to the following question: ‘What differences, or rather similarities, exist in the structural design of a Chinese or European building?’ Acquiring such knowledge and expertise will increase Chinese and European engineers’ chances to find employment in the vibrant international building industry.

In a completely different context, the MARS project (Music And Resilience Support) aims at developing strategies that support deprived, marginalised communities in diaspora due to military, political or social conflict. European organisations from France, Spain, Italy and the UK are taking inspiration from their Lebanese partner, the National Institution for Social Care and Vocational training, which brings a unique contribution after 40 years of caring for the country’s refugee population. Together, this partnership is developing a training course for musicians, therapists and social workers to show them how to use music as a tool for psychosocial rehabilitation and reintegration.

More inspiring stories are waiting for you in the Erasmus+ Projects Results Platform!

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