Call for Erasmus+ app to boost cross-border mobility


Image: © European Union

An invitation for proposals to enhance the Erasmus+ mobile app has now been published.

One of the key objectives of the European Education Area is to enhance cross-border mobility and exchanges in Europe, thereby increasing participation in educational and cultural activities. The European Student Card initiative was previously established to make the process more digitally accessible – by simplifying administrative procedures related to student mobility – and thereby addressing one of the main factors that currently restricts the potential for more individuals to participate in mobility programmes.

As part of this initiative, the call now aims to build on the success of the existing Erasmus+ mobile app – which was launched in 2017. This tender seeks submissions to develop the app into a single point of entry that assists higher education students and other learners at all stages of their mobility experiences.  Proposals should therefore aim to improve the app by providing online tools individuals can use to administer their mobilities and other services, delivering access to information and support before, during and after their period of mobility as a result.

Full details of the tender and the deadline for submission can be found on the call page of the European institutions’ eTendering website.


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