Bridging the divide through Strategic Partnerships

Open and inclusive societies encourage their citizens to play an active role in democratic life, and it is through education, youth work and sport that they build a common ground for divergent opinions to converge and make ends meet. Two Strategic Partnerships under Erasmus+ are fully embracing diversity and turning it into opportunities.

In addition to increased learning mobility opportunities, the Erasmus+ programme encourages projects that foster the development of social, civic and intercultural competences; tolerance, social inclusion and fundamental human rights; and democratic values and active citizenship. Through Strategic Partnerships, Erasmus+ provides support for transnational collaboration between education institutions, enterprises, local and regional authorities and other relevant players to develop and share innovative practices and promote cooperation and peer-learning. Among the Strategic Partnerships that have been selected so far in the field of higher education, 28 projects focus on intercultural and intergenerational education and learning.


Intercultural leadership for students

The Euro-Med Youth Training and Networking Programme, for instance, trains students for intercultural leadership. Bringing together partners from France, Turkey, the United Kingdom and Morocco, this Strategic Partnership offers young students from diverse backgrounds the possibility to attend a two-week programme and be immersed in courses, workshops, debates and joint research projects that encourage dialogue to find shared solutions to complex societal issues. The final goal – to promote intercultural learning, respect for diversity and entrepreneurship, as well as to better equip students to succeed in increasingly connected and competitive environments. The first International Summer School took place in 2015 in Cappadocia, Turkey, on the topic of 'The Power of Images: Truth, Manipulation and Intolerance.' The second one was held in 2016 in Guba, Azerbaijan, around the theme 'Migration and the Future of Intercultural Relations.' Featuring prominent scholars and researchers, the lectures from both summer schools are available online.


Diversity traning for teachers

Inside out – outside in. Building bridges in teacher education through encounters with diversity, is an on-going Strategic Partnership that tackles the 'diversity challenge.' To be completed by 2018, the project aims to improve the provision of intercultural competences and understanding in pre- and in-service teacher education. 96 teacher students from 8 different higher education institutions, will take part in intensive courses to broaden their awareness and understanding of diversity in the classroom; develop intervention measures that reduce early school leaves and increase the resilience of at-risk pupils; build bridges between formal, non-formal and informal education; and design a cross-disciplinary module to be implemented in teacher education programmes.


Apply by 21st March 2018

These are just some examples of how Erasmus+ is helping build a more open and inclusive society. The call for applications for 2018 is now open. If you are interested in setting up a Strategic Partnership, check out the 2018 Erasmus+ Programme Guide and apply by March 21st 2018.


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