Boost your Erasmus+ experience with OLS language courses

Since its launch in 2014, the Erasmus+ Online Linguistic Support has already benefited more than 270,000 Erasmus+ participants who used it to assess their language skills prior to their Erasmus+ experience and measure their progress upon return.

Meet Marco, who used the OLS to improve his level in Spanish, and learn more about OLS language courses.

Could you tell us a few words about your overall experience with the Erasmus+ Online Linguistic Support?

When I start a new plan of study, the first amazing mood is soon buried by a lot of boring. With the Erasmus+ OLS has not been the same. I've appreciated the concreteness and easiness of the program. Usually I was spending 2/2.30 hours almost without recognising.

What was your motivation to follow an OLS language course?

At least 3 types of motivation

1. I was willing to better integrate myself in the country and culture.

2. I acknowledge the importance of acquiring a new language for my future career.

3. I've known I'll use it for the works related to my traineeship.

What did you enjoy about the course?

Above all the structure itself, by having the whole course on online platform has made me able to save a lot of time letting me to focus on the study. Finally, the great use of videos and pictures have made me able to use my intuition rather than my memory. I think that this is the best way to learn a new language as well as several other subjects.

How much do you feel that you benefited from the course?

Very, very much. Even if it is not yet a mother tongue, I feel quite the same fluidity of the mechanisms behind my mother tongue.

Would you say that the OLS language course had a positive impact on your Erasmus+ experience, and if so, can you explain how?

Yes, it has a very deep impact. Basically, it has improved my experience in two ways. First of all I was able to lead fundamental interviews that otherwise they could haven't been led; secondly, it was essential in my relationship with my roommates, as well as with the other people.

Would you recommend other Erasmus+ participants to follow an OLS language course?

Yes, I strongly recommend the OLS. At the end, it's a question of how much you will exploit your experience. By attending the OLS, you'll be able to have a deeper experience.

Anything else you would like to share about your experience with the Erasmus+ OLS?

Well, I have finished. I would like to thank you and all of the people behind the OLS program, as well as those ones that have envisaged the eventual obstacles of a different language and have conceived this opportunity.

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