Almost half a million Erasmus+ participants learning languages with OLS

Meet Güler, a student from Germany, and the 400,000th Erasmus+ participant to learn languages with Online Linguistic Support (OLS)!

Q: Which subject(s) do you study?
A: My subjects are Political Science and Arts.

Q: Where are you going on Erasmus+ mobility?
A: I chose to study in Sabanci University in Istanbul, where I am spending four months.

Q: Which language are you learning with OLS?
A: I am learning two languages: English (with OLS) and Turkish.

Q: Which aspect(s) of the Erasmus+ OLS do you enjoy the most?
A: I like the homepage, and the style of the programme.

Q: Would you recommend an OLS language course to other Erasmus+ participants?
A: Yes, I would certainly recommend an OLS language course.