The Erasmus+ Generation Declaration: have a say in the future of Erasmus+!

30 years ago, one of the most ambitious and successful projects of the European Union was born. Today, you have a chance to shape its future! Join the discussion on the Erasmus+ Generation Online Meeting Point and contribute to the Erasmus+ Generation Declaration!

In the context of the 30th anniversary of the Erasmus+ programme, the European Commission wants to give voice to the 9 million people who form the growing Erasmus+ Generation. To achieve this, the Commission has launched the Erasmus+ Generation Online Meeting Point, an open space where the Erasmus+ Generation can meet, share and debate ideas, identify problems and put forward solutions that will shape the future of the Erasmus+ programme post 2020.

During the months of September and October, discussion leaders representing all the programme countries and the international dimension of Erasmus+, will lead and stir the online discussion around 6 key topics: Societal challengesSkills gapCivic engagementInclusion, Global dimension and Simplification.

By the end of October, the ideas poured into the platform will be transformed into concrete proposals that will together form the Erasmus+ Generation Declaration. This document, carrying the collective voice of the Erasmus+ Generation, will be presented to European Union decision makers at the closing event of the Erasmus+ 30thanniversary campaign, which will take place in Brussels at the end of November.

Would you like to make your voice heard and contribute to the discussion? It's easy! Create a profile on the Erasmus+ Generation Online Meeting Point, join one of the main discussion topics (or all of them!) and begin sharing your ideas and debating those of others! The more people participate in the discussions, the more enlightening, productive and effective the results will be!

Sign up for the the Erasmus+ Generation Online Meeting Point and help us shape the future of Erasmus+!


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