Educating citizens to sustainability

An increasingly important part of adult education is educating citizens about more sustainable ways of life and raising awareness of environmental issues. Erasmus+ actively supports this effort with a wide range of projects, from testing knowledge of climate change to reducing food waste.

There are many adult education projects that are related to citizenship, consumer education, environmental protection but we present you with these exciting ones:

Europe Fights Food waste through Effective Consumer Training (EFFECT) aims to raise awareness of the food waste problem and educate citizens to reduce food waste. The general objective is to improve the offer of high quality learning on food management and sustainability, and tailor it to the needs of individual adult learners and deliver it in an innovative way. The project aims to reach all varieties of people, including those with financial difficulties, by targeting the educational modules towards specific sub-groups such as families, beneficiaries of food aid, and social workers.

Good life and sustainability (GLAS) is aimed at supporting consumer education in the context of the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. The project identifies factors of living well in different European regions, and didactic material and examples of good practice in this field were collected, contributing to an emerging culture of sustainability. The project offers a wealth of useful ideas and material to anyone who would like to develop a similar programme.

Climate literacy is developing fun and interesting e-learning modules and quizzes to test your knowledge about topics such as climate change, your ecological footprint, household energy, or tips on how to shop in a sustainable way. The project partners based their concept on the idea that ‘we can’t expect everybody to go back to school to learn about climate change. So we are inventing new ways of learning, easily accessible to everybody, and powerful enough to get the message across.’ So, don’t hesitate – go and test and improve your knowledge!


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