Launch of the Erasmus+ Mobile App

It's the moment you've been waiting for: the new Erasmus+ application is now available to download! The app allows participants to easily track their progress before, during and after their mobility; to share and vote for their preferred tips to help other integrate into the local community; and to improve their language skills via a direct link to the Erasmus+ Online Linguistic Support platform.


Erasmus+ App

Following last month's Top Tip collection, we are excited to announce that Commissioner Navracsics unveiled the Erasmus+ Mobile App on 13th June at the European Parliament in Strasbourg!! The initiative puts Erasmus+ at the fingertips of the next generations and will enhance Erasmus+ mobility for generations to come. This accessible application will help to deliver a quality learning experience to youth, students, and apprentices, while providing greater accessibility to the programme and setting the ground for unfolding its potential post 2020.

Learn more about the Erasmus+ App by watching this video!

Download the Erasmus+ Mobile App: Google Play Store and iTunes App Store

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