Everybody deserves a second chance

The road to employment and a successful working life can be a bumpy one for young people. This is especially true for those who have difficulty at school or in their personal lives, and have dropped out of education or may be thinking of doing so. To support young adults and give them a second chance, Erasmus+ adult education projects are there to offer a helping hand.

To help young adults who are caring for one of their relatives, the ToYAC project is helping them to document and enhance their skills to prevent this vulnerable group from being excluded from studying or working

For young NEETs (Not in Education, Employment or Training) there is a European network of second chance schools that has spread across metropolitan France and overseas, with some 46 schools open in over 110 sites. In order for these young people to receive the best help possible, the Erasmus+ programme is making sure that teachers and other staff involved in these schools get the training and support that they need.

A range of tools, including the DISCO – Digital Second-Chance Opportunities project, are also receiving funding.

What’s more, Erasmus+ is helping to train staff at organisations that boost young people’s employability, like the French Fondation d’Auteuil, which is sending 60 employees to job-shadow and participate in workshops in several European countries. Staff will study innovative services for young adults’ professional integration, in particular re-motivation and guidance-job matching programmes. They will also be part of initiatives to mentor young adults who are setting up their own business, as well as other new developments in the field of social entrepreneurship.

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