Adult education: a road to entrepreneurship

There are eight key competences which every European citizen should possess. But acquiring all of these skills requires a lot of training and experience. Luckily for adults who wish to become entrepreneurs, some Erasmus+ projects have developed useful tools to support them, and identify the skills needed to become a successful entrepreneur.

The European Commission works with EU countries to strengthen 'key competences' – knowledge, skills, and attitudes that will help learners find personal fulfilment and, later in life, find work and take part in society. These key competences include 'traditional' skills such as communication in one's mother tongue, foreign languages, digital skills, literacy, and basic skills in maths and science, as well as horizontal skills such as learning to learn, social and civic responsibility, initiative and entrepreneurship, cultural awareness, and creativity.

Looking specifically at the entrepreneurial competence, many Erasmus+ projects support adults who need extra training and experience to become entrepreneurs:

  • The M-House project has developed the Business Skills Explorer Online Training, which helps adult learners reflect on the skills and competences they may have acquired through managing a house or a family. The eight module online training course is available for free in five languages to any organisation to use with would-be entrepreneurs. The tool has already been used by over 50 organisations in 13 countries in Europe and beyond!
  • Another successful project, SEE – Social Enterprising Europe, developed an education programme and materials for both prospective social entrepreneurs and those that are already active. All materials are available online.

More ideas can be found in the section dedicated to entrepreneurship and employability in EPALE, the e-Platform for Adult Learning in Europe.

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