1 million mobility participants onboard with the Erasmus+ Online Linguistic Support

Guillermo from Spain is the 1,000,000th Erasmus+ mobility participant to benefit from the Erasmus+ Online Linguistic Support (OLS)! Learn more about him and how he used OLS to improve his English for his Erasmus+ mobility in London.

Q: Where and which subjects do you study?
A: I attend a vocational course of administration and management in Valencia, Spain.

Q: Where did your Erasmus+ mobility take you to?
A: I went to London for one month of Erasmus+.

Q: Which language did you learn with OLS?
A: I mostly learnt English.

Q: Did the Erasmus+ OLS help you to improve your language skills?
A: Yes, OLS helped me a lot because when someone is living in another country, it is a necessity to learn the language.

Q: Which aspects of your Erasmus+ mobility did you enjoy the most?
A: What I have enjoyed the most has been meeting new people from different cultures, and at the same time being in one of my favourite cities like London.

Q: Would you recommend an OLS language course to other Erasmus+ participants?
A: Yes, I recommend it 100% for students.

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