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If you have questions about opportunities, application procedures or just want to know more about Erasmus+, this is the right spot for you. Check the following pages to find the information you are looking for, or let us know via the contact page if you can't find it.

Looking for information on the impact of coronavirus on Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps activities? Check the coronavirus impact page.

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Teacher, student, research organisation, private business… Erasmus+ has opportunities for a wide range of individuals and organisations.


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Use the "How to" section to find out how to use the distance calculator, how to apply, how to get a scholarship, and more.


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You may not be the first one to ask a certain question. Check our selection of answered questions to get a response immediately.


Erasmus+ and data protection

Privacy statements on how your data is processed and protected when using Erasmus+ services found on this website.



Still can't find what you're looking for? You can get in touch your National Agency, based in every Erasmus+ country, or the European Commission via the contact section.


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