About ECHE self-assessment

About ECHE Self-Assessment

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The Erasmus Charter for Higher Education (ECHE) provides the general quality framework for European and international cooperation activities a higher education institution may carry out within Erasmus+.

The award of an ECHE is a pre-requisite for all higher education institutions located in a Programme Country and willing to participate in learning mobility of individuals and/or cooperation for innovation and good practices under Erasmus+. Higher Education Institutions located in Partner Countries must equally agree to respect the principles laid down in the ECHE via their Inter-Institutional Agreements.

This ECHE Self-Assessment is designed to help staff at institutions which either already have an ECHE, or are considering applying for one, to better understand how their organisation meets the standards and requirements of the ECHE. Taking the self-assessment is completely voluntary - it is not mandatory in order to retain the ECHE.

There are two separate tests in the ECHE Self-Assessment: one for senior management of the instition, such as Rectors, Vice-Rectors and Chancellors, which takes a higher-level view of the preparedness of the organistion; and a second for staff who are more "hands on" in managing student mobility, such as International Relations Officers, and which asks more detailed questions.

Both assessments take the form of a series of questions with multiple answer options. In the high-level assessment, it is necessary to choose at least one option, whilst in the more detailed assessment it is possible to not choose any option if none of the available choices are appropriate. 

At the end of the assessment process, the user has the opportunity to give the final report a specific name, and to add their own notes to it. These can be changed later if they wish.

The user has the option to download the final report, or to share it with colleauges. This share option emails a copy of the report to the people specified by the user. It is also possible to send an invitation to specific colleagues, asking them to complete self-assessments from their own perspectives. Note that the results of assessments by other colleagues will also remain confidential to them unless they decide to share their reports with others.

The answers provided remain confidential to the person who submitted them. Neither the European Commission nor the Erasmus+ National Agency can see the answers or the reports, unless the user decides to share them with them. The European Commission only receives basic statistical reports on the number of assessments carried out, the types of staff and institutions which are using the system, and how the system is being used.

The final report contains specific recommendations on what the organisation could do to improve their implementation of the ECHE. The report for the operational staff also contains links to relevant case studies.

The user can see all of the self-assessments they have carried out via the Assessments tab. There the user can view or delete finalised reports, or continue working on unfishined assessments.

For more information about the ECHE Self-Assessment, please download the following two files:
ECHE Self-Assessment information sheet
ECHE Self-Assessment FAQs

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