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What does the plus in Erasmus+ stand for?
Actually, it stands for many different plusses! Discover them all in these videos featuring enthusiastic Erasmus+ participants from across Europe and beyond.

Discover Erasmus+

Ruth Frendo, 37

Adult Education

Ruth represented Malta in a multi-country Erasmus+ project which promoted social inclusion. During the project, Ruth interviewed asylum seekers and refugees in Malta and was able to connect with people on a personal level through their stories. Ruth learnt a lot from her experience, and built lasting relationships with colleagues throughout Europe. Ruth's research was translated into seven European languages, and resulted in the production of a television documentary.

Roberto Breeveld, 30

School Education

Roberto is a geography teacher and enthusiastic eTwinning ambassador for the Netherlands. Since 2012, Robert has led two eTwinning projects, organising virtual student exchanges across five European countries. By interacting with people from different backgrounds, his pupils gain new perspectives and become more open to new ways of thinking and learning. They also greatly improve their English language and ICT skills. The experience is also educational for Roberto himself, prompting him to try new and exciting approaches to teaching and learning. 

Christina, Angela & Yuriy

International Cooperation

Christina, Angela and Yuriy are three of the many people involved in La MANCHE, a project promoting the modernisation of higher education in Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine. In addition to these countries, the consortium includes five EU Member States. The project has been instrumental in leading change for all countries involved.  By involving students in decision-making processes, the project generated innovative ways of thinking and new approaches to management. For the students involved, it also equipped them with valuable skills which improved their employability

Martina Caironi - 27

Paralympic winner

Martina was 22 when she went on an Erasmus exchange to Soria, Spain. Due to injuries from a motorcycle accident, Martina underwent a high-femoral amputation of her left leg in 2007. Living away from home for the first time pushed her far beyond her comfort zone, and boosted her self-confidence. By learning a new language, and experiencing a new culture and country, Martina discovered new ways of thinking. Two months after her Erasmus stay ended, she won a gold medal at the 2012 London Paralympic Games. At the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Paralympic Games she won a gold medal in the 100m sprint, and a silver medal in the long jump. 

Gellért Szó, 28

Vocational and Educational Training

Gellért spent his apprenticeship in France learning the tricks of the trade from pastry chefs. An avid baker since he was a teenager, Gellért used his time in France to further improve his skills and techniques, and explore new methods of work. Gellért now owns an award-winning bakery in Budapest, and has recently opened a second branch in Eger, Hungary. Gellért has employed the skills he learnt on his Erasmus+ traineeship, and been awarded the 'Best Cake' prize in Hungary for two consecutive years (2015 and 2016).

Alexandro, Wassim & Aaliyah, 8 > 12

School Education

Wassim, Alexandro and Aaliyah took part in ‘The Incredible Culinary Journey of Our European Pupils’ at their school in Brussels. The project brought together children from schools in disadvantaged areas in Bobigny, France and Belgium. The students used food as a medium through which to learn. Participating in cooking workshops, the pupils explored the cuisine of their parents’ countries of origin. 

Tania Habimana, 27

Higher Education

Tania grew up in the UK and Belgium. With Erasmus, she studied international business and German. The experience presented Tania with the opportunity to build an international network of contacts, and prompted new, entrepreneurial ideas. Today, Tania runs her own enterprise Tailored Business, a TV show which documents experiences of designing suits for individuals in Africa, and interviewing them about their own careers. Tania is an advocate for women entrepreneurs, and hopes that her TV show will inspire others to explore their own business talents. Tania also contributes to Elle magazine South Africa as a careers specialist.

Mina Jaf, 28

European Voluntary Service

Having left Iraqi Kurdistan as a child, Mina understands the importance of protecting refugee rights. In 2015, she volunteered at Vluchtelingenwerk Vlaanderen (Flemish Refugee Action) for a year. The experience allowed her to develop her own skills, such as languages (she speaks five), management, leadership, and coordination. Mina is passionate about protecting the rights of refugees. She established the organisation Women Refugee Route which aims to provide information and services to women and girls during their journey, and increasing their visibility. In 2016, Mina was awarded the Voices of Courage Award by the Women's Refugee Commission. 

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