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Capítulos de Europa Creativa

Europa Creativa está dividido en dos subprogramas, Cultura y MEDIA, y recibe el apoyo de un capítulo intersectorial.


Iniciativas del sector cultural, como las que fomentan la cooperación transfronteriza, las plataformas, la creación de redes y la traducción literaria.

Subprograma Cultura


Iniciativas del sector audiovisual, como las que fomentan el desarrollo y la distribución de obras audiovisuales o el acceso a ellas.

Subprograma MEDIA


Un capítulo intersectorial, que incluye un instrumento de garantía y la cooperación política transnacional.

Capítulo intersectorial

Premios e iniciativas de Europa Creativa

Acciones, iniciativas y premios —como las Capitales Europeas de la Cultura y el Sello de Patrimonio Europeo— destinados a recompensar los logros, destacar la excelencia y sensibilizar acerca de la cultura y el patrimonio europeos.

Music Moves Europe header

Music Moves Europe

Music Moves Europe (MME) is the overarching framework for the European Commission's initiatives and actions in support of the European music sector. Developed from a series of meetings with representatives of the music sector starting in 2015, Music Moves Europe was launched as a strategic initiative by the European Commission. It has since developed further as a framework for discussions and today it stands for the EU support for music.

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European Heritage Label

Información sobre los sitios del Sello de Patrimonio Europeo

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Plovdin and Matera, European Capitals of Culture 2019

Capitales Europeas de la Cultura

Una iniciativa que sitúa la cultura en el meollo de las ciudades europeas con el apoyo de la UE a festivales de arte y cultura durante todo el año.

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Premio de Literatura de la Unión Europea

El Premio de Literatura de la Unión Europea es una iniciativa anual que busca el reconocimiento de los mejores autores revelación de Europa.

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Más iniciativas y premios

Resultados de los proyectos Europa Creativa

Aquí encontrará información sobre proyectos y resultados de proyectos financiados por la Comisión Europea dentro del actual programa Europa Creativa y, anteriormente, del programa Cultura (2007-2013).

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Winners of the European Union Prize for Literature at Balkan Trafik 2019!


European Union Prize for Literature (EUPL) winners Jelena Lengold (Serbia), Faruk Šehić (Bosnia) and Lada Žigo (Croatia) will join Slovenian author Suzana Tratnik for a literary discussion at BOZAR in Brussels on 25 April 2019 from 20:00 until 21:30.

The discussion will focus on the extent to which their work is influenced by their Yugoslavian heritage. 


i-Portunus: EU funds mobility for artists

A new mobility opportunity for artists receiving EU funding has been launched today. i-Portunus is a project, selected and funded by the European Union, to trial a mobility scheme for artists and culture professionals.

Headed by the Goethe Institute, a consortium of cultural organisations will examine how to implement mobility for individuals working in the cultural and creative sectors.  i-Portunus will trial how to best facilitate cross-border mobility for artists. 

The project will support short-term...


European Stories – Creative Europe at the Brussels Book Fair 2019

Five European Union Prize for Literature winners met at the Brussels Book Fair 2019 organised from the 14 to 17 February.

Jean Back (Luxembourg, 2010), Gast Groeber (Luxembourg, 2016), Isabelle Wéry (Belgium, 2013), Tiit Aleksejev (Estonia, 2010) and Ioana Pârvulescu (Estonia, 2013) — have talked at Place de l'Europe, at the Brussels Book Fair about the European Union Prize for Literature highlighting the prolific...

JR Circus

Tramontana Network

Masters & Servers – Networked Culture in the Post-Digital Age


Veszprém will be the European Capital of Culture 2023 in Hungary

Debrecen and Győr competed with Veszprém to be recommended for European Capital of Culture 2023 in Hungary.

Tibor Navracsics, European Commissioner responsible for Education, Culture, Youth and Sport, said:

"In 2023, Hungary will again have a European Capital of Culture. After Pécs in 2010, it will now be the turn of Veszprém, my home town, to be in the spotlight for one full year. I am...

Dance Roads Open Process


The Sound Routes - music surmounting language barriers to engage refugees

On the first Thursday of every month, new interpretations of popular Arab songs and traditional works are brought to the stage at Werkstatt Der Kulturen in Berlin, performed by musicians who have fled to Germany as refugees.

This concert series – known as the Arab Song Jam - owes its format from the black American jam session culture of the 1940s. The first set of the evening is presented by a regular trio or quartet, while the second set is open to all musicians new to the city who are familiar with a repertoire of...