Literary translations

What is it about?

Creative Europe supports initiatives for the translation and promotion of literary works across EU markets, with the aim of increasing access to and readership of high quality European literature.

What does it support?

  • Translation and publication of a "package" of works of fiction from and into eligible languages
  • Promotion of the translated "package", including the appropriate use of digital technologies in both the distribution and promotion of the works

Who can take part?

Publishers or publishing houses can apply for literary translation opportunities. Individuals cannot apply.

More detailed information on participation is available in the guidelines for specific calls for proposals, as well as from the website of the Education, Audiovisual, and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA), and the Creative Europe Desks.

How to apply?

More detailed information on the application process is available in on the website of EACEA, as well as in the calls for proposal section and from the Creative Europe Desks.

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