Made in Europe



Is there a European identity in architecture?

A film crew travelled through 16 European cities- from London to Lisbon, from Bucharest to Trondheim- asking this question to the 16 of the most innovative architects today in Europe.

They have in common three things: their belief in European values, a vision of the future and the link to the EU Prize for contemporary architecture/ Mies van der Rohe award.

The interviews reveal a Europe with a huge diversity of cultures, languages, techniques and artistic and architectural expression. They show that our identity is a collage of identities, and that much of our enormous wealth resides precisely in our respect for differences. Architecture contributes to this by creating public spaces meant for harmonious coexistence, taking into account the local perspective, connecting the new with what already exists, the city and its layers of history. Architecture is a bridge between the past and the future, relating to historical heritage, while providing a vision of where and how we want to live in the future.

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